Le trait est noir, nerveux, les couleurs au pastel, comme coloriées sur les pages. L’univers est assez sombre, ponctué de touches d’un humour totalement décalé.
B.wing n’aime pas parler, alors elle dessine, elle se raconte au travers de ses petits personnages qui flottent dans un décor brumeux.

Graduated from Middlesex University, London, UK
After assisting Fashion Photographer Niall McInerney, b.wing returned to Hong Kong in 1998, when she has worked with a board spectrum of clients in different projects including Retail shops, Shopping Malls, TV Commercials, Art Associations, Newspapers and Magazines. she began her career as a full-time artist in 2003.

In 2003, she held her first solo exhibition “ if you don’t want to be perfect, you’ve come to the right place” at agnès b. Librairie Galerie in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei.

The exhibitions were well received by the press and the critics. Her works have been praised for capturing the zeitgeist of her peers, and her hilarious presentations always entertain and touch those who visit her exhibitions.

In 2006, b.wing published her first book “I will love you till you die” which was also a huge success and sold out within a month. The book received positive word-of-mouth and soon became collective items among art lovers.


“I will love you till you die” 2006

“We all need someone to kiss us goodbye”, 2007

“The Whispering Game”, 2008

“There’s a dark dark wood inside my head”, 2009

“How to rescue my delirious heart” 2010

The success of her exhibitions and books encouraged her to take a further step in developing her own label of  products, the “Laugh Alone” series in 2006.

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