03/2010 //HK// NIKEiD X Milk special issue
03/2010 //HK// Hand On Charity auction
03/2010 //HK// Adidas World Cup Ar Fei Exhibition
03/2010 //Asia Tour// Moleskine Passion notebook exhibition
02/2010 //HK// ALIGHT 燈會 Sin Sin fine art
02/2010 //HK// 反清復明驅妖迎祥百無禁忌新春書畫展@活化廳
02/2010 //HK// "The Alley Shop" graphicairlines shop opened
11/2009 //HK// Link X'mas Art Jam
11/2009 //HK// "You are here" exhibition by Whitespace
11/2009 //HK// Adapta's 3-2-1 Solstice Exhibition at Schoeni gallery
11/2009 //HK// Bandai X Milk DIY To Fu project
11/2009 //HK// Standard Charter HKYAF Art in Park workshop
11/2009 //HK// Clockenflap 2009 live painting performance
11/2009 //Philippines// My Moleskine notebook exhibition
10/2009 //HK// Youth Square illustration
10/2009 //HK//October Contemporary closing event, Night light graffiti workshop with Lomography and Videotage
09/2009 //HK// "Blue BLue Sky" children magazine comics contribution
09/2009 //HK// Fubon Art foundation "Art Plus" project contribution
08/2009 //HK// Madame Vee & Meaty statue collection (limited 50 sets)
08/2009 //HK// Flesh Mesh Solo exhibition
07/2009 //HK// HK Book Fair @ Kubrick
07/2009 //HK// Luggage Unlimited exhibition @ Elements
07/2009 //HK// NEW MISSION CROSS VISION by hk new design force 2009
06/2009 //HK// Videotage Wall Painting
05/2009 //HK// Kronenbourg 1664"French Art of Pleasure" Mobile Art in May
05/2009 //HK// Brunch Club Wall Painting
05/2009 //HK// Jockey Club Point to Point specific site project//Sheung Tak and Stanely
05/2009 //HK// "Bag for Better"Charity Fund Raising Event for Chi Heng Foundation 2009//YY9 Gallery
04/2009 //HK// “Fly like a paper, high like a plane” exhibition//NewTownPlaza, Shatin,
04/2009 //Kinokuniya, Singapore// "My Moleskine- journey to Japan " Notebook Exhibition
03/2009 //Berlin// Phobia@Pictoplasma Character Walk 209 Exhibition
03/2009 //Hollywood in Cambodia// Expo 10X10
02/2009 //HK// Youth Visual Arts Exhibition 2009
02/2009 //Paris, France// graphicairlines exhibition@L'Espace Galerie Myriam Haas by Chinart
01/2009 //France// Chinart Live painting at Maison &Objet//Paris
01/2009 //Malaysia// BECOME- ECO-bags project, KL Design Week 2009 // Kuala Lumpur
01/2009 //Argentina// The Ark Project - collaborative illustration project by DGPH and Idn
01/2009 //HK// Day Dream Walking workshop and exhibition@JCCAC
12/2008 //HK// X’mas Ballmer Figure custom design exhibition by G999@ IXTEE
12/2008 //HK// Movie”葉問 Ip Man”Wood stand custom made exhibition@ DNM
12/2008 //HK// KLOMP clogs special design for Local Dutch and the Consulate General of the Netherlands
12/2008 //HK// Disney’s STITCH Experiment 626 Custom Art Exhibition@ DNM
11/2008 //HK// Artsmart @ Stanley Opening exhibition by Artmap
11/2008 //Bucharest// 2 short animations was selected for Kinofest competition 2008@The National Museum of Contemporary Art
11/2008 //HK// Standard Charter Art in Park @ Victoria Park
10/2008 //HK// Lucky Brand Jeans-”Lucky Few” HK Art Project @ Elements
10/2008 //HK// Swatch Plastic Royale Exhibition with HK Youth Art Foundation Art Project
09/2008 //Tokyo,JP// 100 Post Cards from World New Creator exhibition @ Sunshine Studio, Hanajuku
08/2008 //HK// Sensory Runaway @ Club Cliq
08/2008 //HK// “Dear Yau Ma Tei” exhibition @ Shanghai Street Artspace
07/2008 //HK// Selected as a “40 under 40” winner in the field of Graphic Design by Perspective Magazine
07/2008 //Germany// Contributed in Lin Fashion Art Project Autumn/Winter 08-09
07/2008 //HK// "Plan A" Mark & Spencer and Youth Art Foundation Art Project
07/2008 //HK// "Love . Human . Nature" Exhibition@Festival Walk, Log-On
07/2008 //HK// 89268 8th anniversary photo exhibition@Fringe Club
06/2008 //HK// MOLESKINE HK Notebook Exhibition
06/2008 //HK// Art Donation Box Exhibition by Artist Commune
06/2008 //Netherlands&UK// MAKI Custom Kicks Contribution by MAKI & LaurenceKing
05/2008 //HK// YMCA FARM Live Painting @ Victoria park
05/2008 //Shenzhen,CHINA// “TALKING” HK street art exhibition @ BABU Galler
05/2008 //HK// Disney Bloc28 mural painting contribution@ J01
03/2008 //Tawian// Pixie 3rd Anniversary logo design contribution
03/2008 //HK// On the Street Exhbition@ Culture Club
02/2008 //HK// Graphicairlines in Progress @ Delay No Mall exhibition
02/2008 //HK// APM Chinese New Year Mask contribution
01/2008 //HK// Clockenflap - multi-media and performance arts festival
12/2007 //US// Design By Human Tee print design
12/2007 //HK// "Not in X'mas Mood" Exhibition@APM Kubrick
12/2007 //UK// Thunder Chunky -TC Xmas Project
12/2007 //HK// Too Art Gallery X'mas Tree Exhibition
12/2007 //HK// "MegaBoxing Day" Exhibition Contribution@Mega Box
11/2007 //Berlin// Pictoplasma Animation Festival 2007 Screening Contribution
11/2007 //HK// Jury Prize Winner of Cut & Paste HK Tournament 2007//HK
11/2007 //HK// Idn Dreams & Nightmares Shin Tanaka Toy Custom Exhibition@The Grand Cinema, Elements
11/2007 //HK// Masked Rider - Meet the Real Heroes Exhibition
10/2007 //China// Contributed in "Box" Magazine
10/2007 //HK// HKDR Wall Painting
10/2007 //HK// "A" PART Art Exhibition@HK Art Centre Too Art Gallery
10/2007 //HK// Dress Up Your Eastpak@Seiyu
10/2007 //HK// HKAFF2007: Asian Shorts 3Animation Selection
09/2007 //HK// Cover illustration for Platform Magazine issue
09/2007 //HK// Tagger Bag Customs
09/2007 //HK// High & Dry - Exhibition of HK old street market
08/2007 //HK// Silver Black Card Artwork Charity Auction
08/2007 //HK// Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 8 finalists
08/2007 //HK// I love MK Langham Place Collective Art Pro
08/2007 //HK// I Love L.Y. exhibition Part 2 "Love & Attitude"
08/2007 //Taipei// Feel Good Project Session 3//Taipei
08/2007 //HK// Cover illustration for 3 Man HK culture magazine issue#10//HK
08/2007 //HK// Artworks feature in Galleri Magazine issue#01//HK
08/2007 //Australia// Noise interview//Australia
08/2007 //HK// RTHK 傳媒春秋 A short feature about HK Graffiti n Street Art//HK
08/2007 //HK// Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 promotion material design
07/2007 //Hamburg// END2END-Graffiti and Urban Art Festival
07/2007 //Malaysia// Contributed in "I LUV U Baby" - Characters Collection Book by Big Bros Workshop
07/2007 //HK// ST/ART 10/10 HK vision: Past/Future Art Project
07/2007 //HK// HOCC 幽默感 MV
06/2007 //HK// Tiger beer live painting
06/2007 //HK// RTHK X KCR Art Unlimited Train design contribution
06/2007 //US// Threadless design Tees "My Classmates" Winner
06/2007 //HK// I Love L.Y. exhibition Part 1 "Love & Touch"
06/2007 //HK// EPOCH cafe window decoration and exhibition
05/2007 //World Tour// K Swiss Sneaker Pimps Asia Tour 2007
05/2007 //HK// TVB Pearl documentary about HK graffiti scene
04/2007 //HK// EVISU Cube Gallery Exhibition @ EVISU Store and D-Mop
04/2007 //US// Threadless design Tees "Imaginary of Cloud" Winner
02/2007 //HangZhou// Jasonwood Jeans Exhibition and Live Painting
12/2006 //HK// Main Course T-shirt Exhibition @ Sense99
12/2006 //HK// Quiksilver X Opel Euro Pro Skate Jam 2006 Live Skateboard Painting
12/2006 //Beijing// “Eye On” New Visual Art Exhibition
11/2006 //HK// HOCC "We Create As One" Art Exhibition//HK
11/2006 //HK// TAMO Custom Toys Exhibition and Live Painting @ Asia Toys Expo 06
11/2006 //HK// Live Painting @ Peak Project
11/2006 //HK// Contributed in the "Hong Kong Biggest Alphabet Book" Charity Project
10/2006 //HK// Rockit'06 Music Festival Live Painting
09/2006 //US// Threadless select design Tees "Lonely Snowmen"
09/2006 //HK// Shamus Dark "Songs for Suicidal Lovers" CD illustration
08/2006 //HK// APM Book Show "Trash Talk" Charachers Figure & Plushies Exhibition
08/2006 //HK// Published a Visual Novel "Trash Talk" with Kubrick
07/2006 //HK// Feel Good Project by j.a.r and pistoplasma @ F.I.N.D.S.
07/2006 //HK// Milk Farm 3rd Anniversary Live Painting
07/2006//HK// Eastpak "Designer Show Off" Live Painting @ Art Jamming Gallery
07/2006 //HK// ST/ART 450sq.ft. Art Exhibition @ Idn Gallery
04/2006 //Germany// 1st International Sticker Award
05/2006 //HK// Royal Elastics Presents Dekart Skateboard Exhibition @ EDGE
05/2006 //US// Threadless design Tees "Illusion of rabbit optical" Winner
01/2006 //HK// ST/ART RE:START Art Exhibition
12/2005 //HK// Helvetica Exhibition @ Cantonyama
11/2005 //HK// Rockit'05 Music Festival Live Painting
10/2005 //HK// ECKO "Real Deep Street Culture" Exhibition
10/2005 //HK// Janice "My Love" CD packing design
09/2005 //HK// Leon Lai " Long Love" CD packing design
08/2005 //US// Threadless design Tees "Come back at night" Winner
03/2005 //HK// Janice "Day and Night" CD packing design
03/2005 //HK// Leon Lai "Love and Promises" CD packing design
02/2005 //US// Threadless design Tees "Go Fish" Winner
10/2004 //US// Threadless design Tees "God&dog" Winner
10/2004 //US// Threadless design Tees "Blitz" Winners
10/2004 //HK// Jet Magazine Creative Competition
10/2004 //HK// Umbro T-Shirt Design Competition Winner
09/2004 //HK// KRV KURVA Bag Design Competition Winner
05/2004 //US// Threadless design Tees "Volcano" Winner
05/2004 //HK// Nokia Mobile Design Competition

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