Vi et Tat sont deux jeunes designers et illustrateurs de Hong Kong.
Partageant le même esprit contestataire ils s’unissent et fondent les GraphicAirlines en 2002.
Depuis bientôt dix ans, ils apposent sur les murs de leur ville des grandes figurines ”Fat Faces’ qui dénoncent la pollution, les excès de notre société de consommation, la démolition des marchés de rues...
Témoins de la mutation en Chine, les GraphicAirlines sont également très présents sur la scène artistique de Hong Kong où ils exposent régulièrement peintures, sculptures et installations.

Established in 2002, it is a creative team consists of 2 people, TAT & Vi. Our aim is to ENJOY THE VOYAGE! Doing creative work freely, enjoying the voyages of life and creation, flying to different realms of creativity are what we hope for, as the pleasure in it is irreplaceable.
Cute we are not. The characters created by design duo Graphic Airlines champion the "aesthetics of ugly". We become stalwarts of Hong Kong's burgeoning street art scence. Apart from publishing and exhibiting our work since 2006.

Graduated from Creative Media program at Hong Kong City University, major in computer animation. Without a thought of doing drawing herself, she accidentally stepped into the world of design, but surprisingly feels so good with creating. she hopes to continue doing what she enjoys.

Designer and illustrator. We are hard to find real freedom in our life, we are not controlled by myself. So he established Graphicairlines at least for finding his own free creative space. For his creations, you might find some of these messages.

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